Scrapped Surface Evaporator

Backed by our diligent employees and rich industrial experience, we have managed to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Scrapped Surface Evaporator. It comprises of an upright cylindrical vessel with a vertical rotor shaft extending concentrically within that vessel. There is an inlet pipe which supplies liquid to be evaporated to a distributor which then spreads that liquid around the inner wall of vessel. After that, a series of wiper assemblies carried by rotor shaft below the distributor serves for creation of a thin liquid film on vessel’s inner wall. We deliver our complete range of Scrapped Surface Evaporator after thorough checking and inspection on varying parameters.

Scrapped Surface Evaporator

It is usually selected for products which are highly viscous or in paste / syrup forms products having a tendency to scale or salt out during evaporation can also be handled in this evaporator. The rotating blades of this evaporators ensure that no material stays on the heat transfer surface for long duration thus preventing thermal degradation. The liquid flow can be bottom to top or top to bottom. This flow pattern depends on the fluid properties, chances of scale or crystal formation. This system can be used along with the falling film or forced circulation evaporators as last finisher stage.

Power SourceElectric
ApplicationIndustrial Use


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